Surveillance and censorship are growing threats to freedom and security. Falling costs of hardware and networking, and the ascendance of cryptography and blockchains, enable the decentralization of computing infrastructure and information distribution as a defense. We’re building infrastructure and knowledge bases as part of this inevitable revolution.

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Host your own applications, and store your own data, on your own hardware and network. Select your hardware based on your needs - personal, family, or small organization. Raspberry Pis, mini-PCs, and used desktop hardware are all options.



Run open source applications providing the typical Cloud applications, but controlled by you. Office Suites, websites, email, storage management – you name it, there is probably an application for it.

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External Access

To access your own services from the Internet, A VPS coupled with a WireGuard tunnel can be set up. Not only can you then use your applications anywhere, you can enable services, such as email reception or a website.

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Host your own cloud applications. Yunohost is a system for hosting web applications on a local server. It provides packages for most requirements, including office functionality, email, and social networking.

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NextCloud is a web-based storage system (like Google Drive), with numerous plugins for integrating or adding functionality, like an email client, or web forms, or event coordination, etc.

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WireGuard allows secure ingress of data from the outside world. In combination with a Virtual Private Server, it enables local service access from the Internet at a fixed IP address.

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